About Me




My name is Saneesh V Soman, a blogger from Delhi. I am a Registered Nurse with over 10 years of experience in Healthcare Industry. I have worked at top hospitals like Max Hospital, Saket, for more than seven years and got a good exposure to many surgical cases. Here my attempt is to provide high-quality information and tips for a healthy joint. Do you know? Globally millions of people suffering from joint health issues and knee pain irrespective of their age and sex.  

Is joint health issues like knee pain and other joint health issues treatable and preventable? 

Most of the joint health issues are treatable and preventable by making some changes in lifestyle and diet. 

Note: All the information provided on this site is for educational purpose only. If you are facing any health issues, you should consult with a doctor and follow his advice. None of the tips in this blog doesn’t replace the advice of a registered medical practitioner or doctor.